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Relentless Gratitude: Week 1

He's in the ordinary and the mundane and the painful and the unexpected. When we actively recognize him in everything and thank him for everything, we realize that his glory is ubiquitous and his creativity masterful.

Here's to the details that shake us and make us look up.

  1. Waking up to the familiar lilt of Mom and Dad's voices rising up the stairs of my childhood home.

  2. The new, raw skin that emerges from torn hands.

  3. Fat snowflakes that silently meander to the ground.

  4. Running deep into unfamiliar neighborhoods at night, getting lost, and praying Hail Marys with newfound urgency.

  5. The big, empty church that held me as I wept and whispered prayers.

  6. Spontaneous nighttime tennis matches on unlit courts.

  7. Uncomfortable silence.

  8. Josh Garrels songs that read like poetry. Especially this one.

  9. Knowingly parking in an illegal manner, subsequently getting yelled at, and recognizing that sometimes I deserve reprimanding.

  10. The way the sunlight falls on the tabernacle at 4:30pm.

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