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Relentless Gratitude: Week 3

The Song of Songs

  1. Tattered notebook pages tattooed with thoughts

  2. Standing barefoot in the kitchen and watching the sunrise through the window

  3. Wandering through seemingly endless library bookshelves

  4. Cooking slowly and intentionally with friends

  5. The thrum of the commuter rail pulling in to Fenway Station, as heard from the second floor apartment on Mountfort Street

  6. Aching muscles sinking into bed

  7. Running down the street wearing a dress on a Friday afternoon to make it to the bank for a roll of quarters before close

  8. The way my Mom loves me in the details, like reminding me to buy a snow shovel

  9. Driving down the highway in the back of a pickup truck and watching the blinking city lights get smaller and smaller

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