This Mess

Another carelessly, carefully hidden mess has spilled out onto the floor

And it's a pain I have never felt before

Your pain I have never felt before

I shudder at the thought of the moment when innocence broke

When it turned inside-out at the blasphemous words the one you trusted spoke

I shudder at the heaviness you carried

the memories you buried

and the silence you had no choice but to choose

Please believe that amidst the shame and fear, your Mother held you near

To all those who know--who knew--that the scourge lays waste at noon: what did you do?

Did you not perceive the weight of a single soul?

Did you not think your insidious razor of silence would reach bone?

Because it did, and now that's broken too, and we're all looking at you

Oh God, take this mess

Take this mess of dark and death

and help us sift out all the light again

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